Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ready for a slow down


It's already August and I cannot even believe there's only three weeks until the start of school. We have done a lot so far this summer (considering I worked the five week summer program at school), but the weather has felt more like fall on some days and our tans are fading because of that, which I'm not thrilled about.

I'm definitely looking forward to just enjoying these next three weeks though, and we are really excited because we have a big trip planned to Disney. This week has been so crazy because this trip is kind of last minute and I've been organizing everything and running around making sure we have everything ready to go. Booking a trip last minute sucks in that you run around like crazy trying to get everything done, but it's also allowed me to see that as much as I would love having everything all planned out far in advance, it's not really how we do things. It's hard for me to commit to something two months from now because things change and you just don't know what's going to happen or what things will be like a few months from now. This has really shown me that it's just not how I work. I hate waiting for things so booking a trip a year from now would be complete torture for me. It was hard for me to even book fast passes to the rides at Disney because how do we know if we will do a certain park on a certain day, let alone commit to a certain time for a ride. It stressed me out! I have been able to see how I prefer spontaneity over a strict schedule- things change, the weather changes, things come up. I would rather roll with it then get stressed or annoyed if something comes up or things change.

I am so ready for a slow down on our trip. No emails, not thinking about work or grad school or anything, no real responsibilities for a week- just being and letting go of any stress and centering and recharging myself and being with my little family and reconnecting and enjoying every moment with them.

These photos are from the other week on a hike with my mom and the girls and dogs. It was a great two-hour hike and super relaxing and but it was also a lot of work with the three dogs and two little girls because I made everyone climb down to the waterfall and back up, but you can't take me to a waterfall and just expect me to look at it and not go to it :) It was so worth it.

Hiking Hiking Hiking Hiking Hiking Hiking Hiking

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