Tuesday, July 25, 2017



Josh and I took the girls to Newport, RI the other day. I had the day all planned out and thought the girls would love it here. We started the day out walking along a street filled with shops, but it was nothing like I expected. The shops weren't that great and we spent half the time walking back and forth trying to find a restroom. We were over that pretty quickly so we decided to head over to the cliff walk. It was hot, the girls were tired already, and they could have cared less about how pretty the walk is. The girls complained and Nicole melted down- definitely not the start I was expecting! We cut our walk short and took the girls over to Second beach to relax, walk along the beach, and swim. Before heading home I was hoping to find a restaurant with a patio overlooking the ocean to have a late lunch. We drove around, but we couldn't find the type of restaurant I was hoping for, so we just ate at the first restaurant we saw and called it a day. After this trip, I realized I'm not the biggest fan of Rhode Island, especially because there's always so much traffic.

On a more positive note- the cliff walk was really pretty, we tried somewhere new, we spent time together as a family, and we got to to play in some good waves.

A few photos from the day below...

IMG_7272 IMG_7274 IMG_7276

The ocean changed the girl's moods at least!

IMG_7284 IMG_7285 IMG_7287 IMG_7290 IMG_7292 IMG_7295 IMG_7301 IMG_7302 IMG_7303 IMG_7308 IMG_7309

One of my favorite things to do with the girls is walk along the beach and collect shells. It's always so calming.


Nicole was being fresh and didn't want to take a picture with us :)

Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport

This photo makes them seem like sweet and happy sisters, but oh no- Kennadie was being fresh at this point and didn't want Nicole touching her, but I made them stand there until they smiled for a nice picture together :)Newport

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