Wednesday, June 21, 2017

summer's here

The last day of school was on Monday and we have been enjoying every minute of this time together. I ended up taking a break from this next semester of grad school and I honestly don't know if I will go back. I love learning and there are most definitely benefits of finishing grad school, but I just wasn't feeling as if my heart was in it anymore. I had a horrible supervision experience and the supervisor's attitude made me hate being in school and made me question why I was wasting my time and money and energy on being put down and stressed out way more than was necessary. And it was from that point on that I just started hating it- way too much negativity. Now that my second semester has ended I have felt a huge weight lifted and feel so much happier. My girls are only this little for so long and it already feels as if they are growing up way too fast and I was missing so much and was always so bitchy and stressed out and snappy and all I was doing was sitting in front of a computer working on grad school assignments that I really didn't seem to care too much about anymore. I am actually able to spend quality time with my girls now that I don't have all that school work and I almost feel as if I am getting myself back. I haven't made any final decisions yet and my plan this summer is to think about it all and think about work and hopefully with this break I will have a clear head and will be able to make the decision that feels right at this time in my life. I only get this time with my girls once and it's for such a short time but grad school will always be there.

Other than thinking about work and school this summer I also made a huge bucket list of places to go and things to do this summer with Josh and the girls-many of which are new and different places and activities that I have been wanting to do for a while now. I also thought it would be kind of fun to take day trips/spend a night here and there in different places in Massachusetts that we have never been to before instead of going away for a week to one place. I have always battled with the feeling of wanting to live somewhere else and I thought it would be nice to explore towns and beaches and places right here where we live to get my mind off where I really want to be.

So that will be our summer this year- going to and trying as many new places and activities as we can right here (mixed in with some of our favorite summer activities and places as well).

Our first week of summer break has been great so far. The lake is only a few minutes away and it's always a great spot to go to when we need a quick beach fix but are limited on time or when we just don't want to go very far.

Afternoon at the lake Afternoon at the lake

Special snacks and stories before bed while we lay on the blanket in the yard is something the girls really love. And yes those are Christmas pajamas on Kennadie. It's been pretty warm and humid and she still refuses to stop wearing these :)

Perfect ending to the weekend

We love eating dinners out on the back deck and watching the kids play in the yard or run through the sprinkler and then going for a swim after dinner down at my parent's house.

Perfect ending to the weekend Perfect ending to the weekend Before bed swim

I cannot even believe it was Kennadie's last day of second grade. It is still just so crazy to me how fast time goes by and that she's going to be in third grade in two months...holy shit! And this summer Nicole will be transitioning to the pre-k class at daycare for her last year before kindergarten. We celebrated the last day of school this week by taking the girls down to a little lake and playground with Raine and Sevin.

Kenna's last day of 2nd grade: swimming at the lake and playground with friends Kenna's last day of 2nd grade: swimming at the lake and playground with friends

Looking forward to a great summer!

Untitled Park, playground and swimming with friends Park, playground and swimming with friends

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