Thursday, August 4, 2016

coming home


My sister has been down here for the week, Bruce, Diane, Jennifer, and her boys have been staying at my parents' house for the week and just left to go back to Tennessee, and we just got back from New Hampshire. Going away always gets me daydreaming about moving somewhere else. I have never lived far from "home", from this little town, from where I grew up, from the only place I've ever known as home, and I have always wondered if there's something more out there. I have never felt that this is where I belong.

Ever since I can remember I have always dreamed about moving to Florida- days filled with sunshine, blue skies, warm weather, and the beach year-round. It's something that I started thinking about in my late teens and has never left me no matter how hard I try to let it go.

I started to think about all this again after our trip to New Hampshire. No traffic where we were, hardly any street lights, the views when driving down any given road were incredible, no huge crowds of people, and it looked and smelled and felt so clean. I would easily pack up my little family and move tomorrow if Josh was on board, but I'm not sure Josh would actually leave where we live now. At the very least, I am hoping and can definitely see us traveling a lot more, and down the road maybe having a home up here in New England somewhere and a home in the islands, Florida, or somewhere south. Josh and I also talked about instead of doing meaningless birthday gifts and Christmas gifts of "stuff" that just goes to waste by not being played with anyway, that we use that money to travel instead. Our girls will remember the trips we take and memories made way more than any toy.

It's never been easy for us coming home to "real" life after days away from to-do lists, stress, worry, responsibilites, routines, schedules. But I have come back refreshed and feeling committed to adding in more pleasure and travel to real life. We had a really great routine going while we were away. We were active and busy and doing different and new things. We had a great bedtime routine going with the girls- dinner, a post-dinner swim and more exploring outside, some fruit for a snack, baths, cuddling, and a show before bed. We may not be able to escape the traffic where we live or having to work or scooping cat litter or folding laundry or paying bills, but there are so many things that we can do to make real life a little less mundane and stressful- getting rid of unnecessary monthly payments, lowering certain bills, simplifying in all areas of our life.  I came back from this trip feeling content knowing that although we may not always be able to be in vacation mode all the time, we certainly can be more intentional about the way we live and adding many of the same types of activities that we did while we were away into our day-to-day life right here at home.

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