Saturday, August 13, 2016


We are on the last stretch of summer break and I'm trying to soak up every day because by the end of the month school will start up again, I will be working, summer will be coming to an end, and fall will be right around the corner. As much as I love fall I am not looking forward to it at all this year- I would love summer to last at least another few months. For some reason this summer is going by so fast!

My mom and I took Kennadie out to lunch at her choice of restaurants (Friendly's of course) and back to school shopping. We only made it to Justice because by the time we checked out I had a headache and was done- I've never been big on shopping and thankfully Kennadie was over it too :) She got a good amount of clothes so I think we just need to get new shoes and some pants and she should be good for a while.

Kennadie started horseback riding, which she is loving right now. She tried cheerleading and said she liked it but doesn't want to do it. I'm proud that she's trying different things and knows what she likes and doesn't really like. I had her at the art camp also and she was having a tough time finding kids to play with and it was really bothering her so we let her stop going. I always told myself I would never force my kids in social situations they are not comfortable with. I remember what it's like and it sucks and can be awful so I would never want to force her to do something. I'm proud of her for trying as long as she did and that's all that matters. What else? The girls got their back to school hair cuts and after all these years of participating in the summer reading, Kennadie's name was chosen and she finally won one of the big prizes that she really wanted. This year she really wanted and won the cat basket- there was a cat stuffed animal, a bunch of the bad kitty books, and an animal drawing book. Very cute!

Krista and Tim are engaged! Super excited and happy for them! We love Tim and are so glad he is the one! He proposed to her in Nashville last weekend :)

I've been applying to a bunch of jobs, however I was offered a job at the elementary school if all goes as planned. I love the idea of working at a school because of the hours- same hours as the girls, vacations and summers off with the girls. But I also think doing social work would be really interesting and challenging. I think I need something challenging and different right now. I've also been thinking about aba type work and eventually working as a bcba. I have a phone interview for an aba position next week so we will see. I started my application for grad school also. I'm all over the place and I wish I just knew what it was that I wanted to do!

That's pretty much all for now. We have one more trip left before school starts and I'm pretty excited about going to the Cape and relaxing before I start working full time.

Some photos of our August from my iPhone.

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