Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summery things

I will officially be done with school in just a few weeks but I'm ahead right now and hope to pass in my final assignments next week. We were supposed to go to the Cape this week but with Skylar's condition we didn't feel right about boarding her until we got it under control so we opted for staying around here this week and postponing the Cape trip until August. We are at the end of our week off from staying up and waking up late, days where we could go somewhere or hang out lazily around the house if we wanted to, and not thinking about school or work or to-do lists. We had a great week and we still have the rest of the summer to enjoy and in just a few weeks we will head to New Hampshire with friends for vacation.

We took the girls fishing one night after dinner and they both caught fish. Kennadie really loves fishing but I'm not big on fishing at all- I hate it. I remember being little and my dad waking us up before the sun even started to rise to go fishing and I loved going but I hated catching fish and I would just cry and make him put the fish back. So I stood back while the three of them caught fish and I took some pictures with my phone and walked the dogs around the lake.

Fishing Fishing Fishing

Nicole was freaked out by the fish she caught and ran away from it.

Fishing Fishing Fishing Fishing

We washed the cars and did some sidewalk chalk drawings.

Untitled Untitled

We headed over to Rockport on Thursday to spend some time down at Halibut park. We always try to get out to Rockport every few years or so. The area is so beautiful and walking these rocks was something our parents took us to do and we have made trips here with Oma and Opa and Bruce when I was younger and then with Kennadie a few years back and now with Nicole and the two pups. It was chilly and foggy but still just as beautiful. We grabbed dinner over at the Lobster Pool so we could eat outside with the dogs and stayed the night at Cape Ann motor inn as they allow dogs. All the rooms overlook the ocean which was so nice and we took the girls and dogs down to the beach after dinner to walk and play in the water for a bit.

Gloucester/ rockport Gloucester/ rockport Gloucester/ rockport Gloucester/ rockport Gloucester/ rockport Gloucester/ rockport Gloucester/ rockport

I have missed writing here and hope to get back into making it a more regular thing again. We had an awesome week and looking forward to enjoying the rest of summer with family and friends.

Untitled Untitled Untitled

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