Friday, July 29, 2016

New Hampshire

Last week we spent a few days in New Hampshire. We stayed in the white mountains area and I really fell in love with this part of NH. Driving down these roads there wasn't any traffic, I think we saw one, maybe two traffic lights the entire time we were there, and everything just looked and felt so clean and fresh.

Some of my favorite things about our time in NH-

-the views driving.

- breakfast on our balcony.

- after dinner swims in the indoor pool and Jacuzzi, exploring out back down at the river after our nightly swims, girls bath time in the Jacuzzi tub, fruit, cuddles, and a show before bed.

-scratching our scratch tickets :).

- Lower falls.

-Eating breakfast and lunch in our condo and eating dinners out.

- The weather. It was hot and sunny and couldn't have been any more beautiful.

- All the firsts we experienced- especially the girls and I. Being at the top of Mount Washington and swimming where waterfalls are.

We left around 11am on Sunday and arrived in NH around 230pm. Before checking in we stopped at Loon Mountain and took the girls on the gondola to the top. We stayed at Rivergreen resort and our condo wasn't quite ready when we tried to check in, but they did switch our room to accommodate us, which was great customer service. We ran over to the very small price chopper to grab food and snacks for the week, went to Gordi's fish and steakhouse for dinner, took the girls swimming in the pool, explored out back where the rivers are, came back up to our condo and the girls had some fruit, baths in the Jacuzzi tub, and a show before bed. It was a great day!

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