Thursday, June 30, 2016

Last bits of catching up

So we decided to adopt one more pup through the same rescue we adopted Tucker from and its been amazing! We named her Skylar and they are both now 5 months old and so adorable and good and precious and I love having two pups and seeing them play and bond. My parents also adopted Aubie through the same rescue and he is so awesome as well and all three of them get to play all the time. A week after skylar came home she got a fever and it hurt her to walk so after a visit to a few vets and tufts we ended up back in walpole at Windhover where we took Dakota and she has hypertrophic osteodystrophy- a rare bone disease that can sometimes happen in large breed puppies because of their fast growth. Of course we would be dealing with this kind of stuff already and it would be a rare disorder :)

So now just a few more photos until I'm pretty much caught up- ronnies ice cream with friends,last soccer games of the season, skylars first day home, pool time with friends, strawberry pickjng, baseball game with the family and the dogs, tattoos with laura, amy, and erin, ice cream festival with friends, and the kidz bop concert with laura and eric and the kids.

 photo 43D8789E-B1ED-4DE0-A8A9-A71AB384D8AA_zps9dywvjau.jpg  photo A154ADC5-1C80-42A0-A029-3304D99C056E_zps7xv5i7tz.jpg  photo 35F006A8-4E70-478F-8802-8A2DF06AE1EC_zpsok04vbbg.jpg  photo E1A67197-F665-4E32-B4C2-BE70986A6BDB_zpsvnetzu2s.jpg  photo 8D3BCFA0-F394-4C3E-9523-1053350C6C74_zps6wnaunjf.jpg  photo B18A6DBD-6213-4A83-AF5D-68CA88609EDE_zpsmdwqmbqf.jpg  photo A8064E18-7F95-4160-A0FA-BB5B78CC2189_zpsypb24exs.jpg  photo BE86F6AA-17B5-4028-9794-EDC5578B5E87_zpsubbqa0oa.jpg  photo 661EDC8C-E458-4829-B84E-18DD9FE65FBB_zpseivb9xyv.jpg  photo A7F6DCC2-0ADC-4F2E-B166-155A93A35E28_zpsj6xdkygi.jpg  photo 5A3C25AB-8310-49AD-B7D5-1772BD1F8549_zpsdnlw6gtm.jpg

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