Monday, June 27, 2016

Catching up

Just finishing catching up on a some pictures from the last few months. Bruce came up from Tennessee for a few days for Mother's day and Krista and Tim moved to Pennsylvania, which sucks but they have been coming back once a month which has been so nice. We took all the kids to dinner to friendly's and have been spending as much time as we can with family and friends and hanging out in the yard. Kennadie had her school concert and her last day of first grade, ah!

 photo 4E46CBEE-CAFD-4266-A9A1-3D643EC9E9A9_zps02bgqwed.jpg  photo 6E85867D-C198-413E-9BD4-28D753D9A087_zpssl99gdqy.jpg  photo 23430F61-10DE-48AF-B65B-A398C177B3A5_zps5icefuil.jpg  photo 60631B36-009B-4608-AC60-8A66C56636C1_zps55ghwhzi.jpg  photo E2841399-25F2-4E36-A8BA-6F24279413BD_zps9w94pdh3.jpg  photo F0635EFF-6D11-42D1-8444-462042DE6C54_zpsaagpocfj.jpg  photo B931884D-A95F-4602-BC84-910B1E2AE55E_zpsvuuvt9xt.jpg

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