Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Life lately

Oh, where do I even start? It's been so long since I have sat down to write. There's been so much going on I will just start with whatever comes up. I made the deans list again in school and I graduate in May. May! I can't even believe I did this and stuck with it, and on top of even just doing it I managed to stay on the deans list the entire time. This is something I am definitely proud of.

We just celebrated Kennadie's 7th birthday! I can't even believe she's 7! We had a rock climbing birthday party for her with some of her girlfriends the other weekend and then we celebrated with a little party with just family at our house for her. Oh, and I just had my 34th birthday, although I'm not excited about that!

Kennadie and Nicole are doing great. Nicole started the preschool classroom at daycare and she really seems to love school. We are still dealing with her stubbornness at times, but she is really such a sweet little girl and I'm sure this is why people say age three is worse than age two! I think back and I am pretty sure kennadie had some attitude issues around age three as well :) Kennadie just started soccer Thursday and is on the same team as two friends from her class, which she's super happy about. She is still doing the choose to be nice club and one other gym after school program, both she is really enjoying as well. And I just started volunteering once a week in her classroom for center time and I am so happy that I get the chance to do this. Nicole comes with me and the kids just love her and she loves going! And kennadie loves that I come in to her class :)

And now the bad. About three weeks ago, Dakota just started acting depressed and laying around and after a few days of this I took him to Paxton animal hospital, bloodwork showed he was anemic so that night I brought him to tufts. They said he was bleeding in his belly and had masses and would need surgery. They also told us most likely he has hemangiosarcoma. They did a splenectomy and took out as much of his liver as they could but they said there are still some masses left in there and that this will only metastasize and eventually another one will burst and there are no options if/when that happens. During his stay in the icu at tufts he began having "episodes" where his eyes would move back and forth and he was left with a head tilt to the right and unable to stand or walk or move even and he will not poop or pee outside anymore. That entire time was horrible emotionally. We weren't sure what was going to happen and we were feeling devastated. We brought him home and quickly got him into a wonderful physical therapy program in Walpole and have been working with him here as well. So far he is doing awesome!  He slowly started getting "his" personality back, just started barking again the other day, and the other night he started standing and taking a step here and there while we worked with him!! Last saturday morning dakota just got up and started walking again!! He peed outside and pooped outside!! It was so amazing, really. I seriously couldn't be happier that he's walking around, following me everywhere again, and we get to take him for little walks every day! Our yard felt so empty without him back there and these little things that once annoyed me and that I took for granted, well I cherish them so much now. I seriously wasn't sure if he was ever going to walk again and I was so devastated at the thought of him never following me around again or taking him for walks. This has definitely taught me so much about not taking things for granted because all we really do have is each moment, we are not promised tomorrow. I am just so so grateful for this second chance and this time with him and that he seems happy and not in pain. Tufts told us we only had a few days maybe with him and we are going on a few weeks now and I can only hope we get a lot more time with him. We were told he has hemangiosarcoma and that he has nodules in him still, but I hope they are wrong.

So this is pretty much been what we have been doing lately, its been crazy but just so thankful for how far Dakota has come and that he's doing as well as he is.

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