Wednesday, July 22, 2015

the dunes

We snuck away for a little lunch date on Tuesday down on Main Street in Hyannis and we had a really great time together.

  photo EE56E089-BCA8-47B9-87A3-AB574F1D763E_zpskwt9vlby.jpg

I have always dreamed of living in a place like this. I love everything about these little beach towns- the relaxed and friendly vibe, the colors, the way it's just a quick walk to the ocean, the outside eating, and the water bowls in front of most stores for any dog that is being walked. 

 photo 1FE9A162-F933-4D3D-839A-A5078BE689A7_zps2g9orcdd.jpg   photo 3BC13F8E-845F-40B3-AFD5-90D43A3F0D3E_zpsutxootxk.jpg
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Kennadie woke up Tuesday with a fever (she must have caught whatever it was that Nicole had) so other than Josh and I getting out for lunch it was mostly a lazy day around the house with everyone. Just about everyone napped including Kennadie (which is completely out of character for her) and I even dozed off for a few on the couch. I absolutely hate napping, especially when on vacation, because I always feel like there is so much to do and see and I hate wasting time on sleeping, but I guess it is okay to have one day of rest :)

  photo 5C7FFDF3-8F2D-4D55-88AB-DB896BF02C2E_zpskoynvv0k.jpg

Other than complaining of a sore throat, Kennadie woke up feeling much better today so we headed down to the lake this morning.

  photo 2D511245-F502-4084-A5E0-8A3E9936DDBA_zpsv0tdpytl.jpg  photo A09356EC-9F9F-4222-B691-0B7E4F860439_zpsc33cxp1u.jpg  photo 1737388b-a774-4342-860e-a2b3e0f16753_zpsywvjscmy.jpg  photo 9DAECB6B-7EF6-4E94-9691-49D43BE5E26F_zpsnkaglodf.jpg

And later in the day we made our way down to Provincetown to walk around for a bit, shop, eat dinner, and then we went down to Art's for the dune tour. I think I only snapped one picture of the time we were in Provincetown walking around- Kennadie was in a really crappy mood for a while (she was hot, tired, thirsty etc etc) and unfortunately I let her bad mood affect my mood. But Provincetown is one of my favorite places. Anything goes in Provincetown and there is no judgement and it is so care-free and colorful and happy and relaxed and is one of those places you are encouraged to just be yourself.

  photo IMG_5161_zpslstge2yh.jpg

Once we got over to Art's Kennadie was in a much better mood and we all enjoyed the dunes. Josh said this was his favorite thing that we did on our trip, and it was definitely one of my favorites as well. We did this tour a few years ago and I honestly think we will do it just about every time we come down here. Every time you go it will be different. You will see different things, the weather will be different, the tour guide may be different (unless you request the same one- and we will probably always request Frankie from now on because he was just so great and we loved him), you will meet all different people, the sunset will be different.

  photo IMG_5239_zpsscgmaee0.jpg  photo IMG_5201_zpsy5hbtzca.jpg  photo 99278015-19F9-41A6-8BD8-FD7FEAC81C17_zpsf1tjze6c.jpg  photo IMG_5177_zpsuhdfwbtu.jpg  photo IMG_5246_zpsa5axkjp1.jpg  photo 4EB89847-E952-4175-B6EC-6C479AF03D04_zpsbgnf7if5.jpg  photo 943C4808-131F-46C0-83F1-708437967AB7_zpsz9jh9hcr.jpg  photo 33244128-A3FC-4177-8D45-D9B1F8E66531_zpsp4kszvbl.jpg  photo 54F37F76-8ADB-4ECE-BFA8-0A8D12B7408D_zpsbzbg1s0q.jpg  photo IMG_5238_zpsglxd9jhk.jpg

Everything about the dunes and the sunset on that beach is just so beautiful.

  photo IMG_5184_zpsyrwnoxqg.jpg  photo IMG_5215_zpsixlj7tnn.jpg  photo B601CF5C-90CC-401E-93FF-7AAF88D79CDB_zpsqu7a2al3.jpg  photo 929AD6AA-86B0-4BF5-8454-D8E34CC7EEBC_zpsofsqi20d.jpg  photo IMG_5204_zpsmdwk4qkv.jpg  photo 117F1837-2A27-408D-82B4-DA5769849C89_zps8hfa8nlj.jpg  photo IMG_5236_zpsi788buu9.jpg

A few years back when we came here we did see a seal or two playing in the water and it was the first time we had ever seen seals in their natural environment like that and it was pretty amazing. This time though the show the seals put on for us was something that we will never forget. The amount of seals we saw tonight was incredible- they just kept coming the entire time we were there, we were about twenty feet from them, and the entire experience was just so amazing and beautiful.

  photo IMG_5252_zpsi0c1iee8.jpg  photo IMG_5202_zps7to1sjtw.jpg  photo IMG_5209_zps9eappxxy.jpg  photo 3E31A23A-3277-4142-B02F-9BD1CBAF99F7_zpsnu0d8l2y.jpg

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