Thursday, July 23, 2015

out on the boat

We thought last night was magical with the sand dunes and the sunset on the ocean and the seals just a few feet from us in the water, but today? Today gives last night some heavy competition.

 photo IMG_5265_zpsjkicrbty.jpg

Both were amazing just in completely different ways.

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We woke up early for a morning boat trip from Orleans to Chatham. Growing up we would go out on my uncles boat in Gloucester all the time, and today just reminded me of how much I miss and love being out on the ocean water and how freeing it feels to be there. 

 photo IMG_5285_zpsq1fvu4kr.jpg  photo IMG_5288_zpsuxuo6fgr.jpg  photo 42FC9D91-CCEA-4A12-A778-59061BB04416_zps1ugaebje.jpg

We made our way over to the sand bars so we could watch hundreds of seals up close and I have to say it was breathtaking. This has been something I have wanted to do for a long time now and I'm so glad we had this opportunity. 

 photo IMG_5289_zpsxonfwji9.jpg  photo IMG_5298_zpsnepibxsp.jpg  photo IMG_5301_zpsdkjgkyeo.jpg  photo 0AC86041-E15E-4491-A8DB-0DEC4AA027A8_zpstp9x7b75.jpg  photo D72358B2-2EED-4D6D-9121-2D67DE60A421_zpsgldbc2sb.jpg  photo 7DA78FEA-388F-43B7-949B-AE47B507D25E_zpsw54ejcxs.jpg  photo 0F010054-E82C-49FE-853B-AD76CD068C75_zpshvozrzsv.jpg  photo EBDE1641-A667-446A-8278-1B08915EE590_zps9x6ft9cc.jpg
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And although the girls are much too young to really understand and appreciate the beauty of it all right now I am still so grateful that we can give them these memories and life experiences.

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