Monday, July 27, 2015

summer in the cape

We are home and unpacked and starting to get back into our normal routines. This trip was special, as most are, and I'm always extra emotional when our vacations come to an end.

Some of my favorite things from this trip- Having everyone together in one house. Waking up early and sitting outside on the front patio with my mom and whoever else decided to get up early. The weather- it was seriously perfect the entire time. Spanky's. Our Dunkin' Donuts runs. Time together at the lake and ocean. Girl time on the back patio with my mom and sister and Kennadie. Swimming with Kennadie Monday night. My lunch date with Josh in Hyannis. The dunes and having Frankie as our driver and the stunning views and the sunset on the beach and the seals. Being on the boat and getting so close to hundreds of seals. And bringing Dakota down to Main Street.

Friday was our last full day here and we spent the morning at the ocean and then headed down to Main Street in Hyannis in the afternoon walking Dakota, letting the girls ride the carousel, eating ice cream, and trying to savor each and every last second we had here.

Some photos from our last day-

 photo IMG_5306_zpsn7yn9klh.jpg  photo IMG_5332_zpsvey7pdzo.jpg
  photo B7A45B2F-033C-4071-8C2E-4A9C38308572_zps0ptp5f3e.jpg  photo IMG_5341_zps41ayt5xn.jpg
  photo IMG_5311_zpsw2ep726r.jpg  photo IMG_5315_zpsxdyzm1md.jpg  photo IMG_5308_zps08xwr4gw.jpg  photo IMG_5321_zpst5yvgbz3.jpg  photo IMG_5317_zpss5t6hwyz.jpg  photo IMG_5333_zpslzmo5lhj.jpg  photo IMG_5319_zpsdwpf4zbm.jpg  photo IMG_5325_zpspjft6mwn.jpg  photo IMG_5328_zpsuyog40m1.jpg  photo IMG_5340_zpsbjyafwlv.jpg  photo IMG_5347_zpskv0fuhzn.jpg  photo 01A60B4E-22F4-4C8C-A583-826132D4B336_zpsly7p6oxx.jpg  photo 4DD990B9-3455-4EBA-AB57-67B57FADA8D8_zpswzi0ialg.jpg

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