Wednesday, July 15, 2015

stream of consciousness

The other night Josh and I were talking about friendships and expectations and why people talk about others behind their backs, and it really got me thinking about who I allow in my life. There is a quote that says something like if someone gossips around you they will gossip about you. I think this is so true and I have never been able to fully understand why a person would be nice to someone, or pretend they are friends with them, but then when they walk away they say mean things or gossip. If I don't care for a person that much then I will just let them go and move on with my life. It reminds me of how some people have "friends" on their facebook pages but yet they talk bad about them behind their backs and "hide" them on facebook. I just can't understand this and I see this a lot! I always feel best when I am around friends and family that I can be completely myself with and in those relationships not ever worry or doubt or think that they would be mean when I walk away. Over the years I have learned, and become pretty good at, not allowing others who bring negativity into my life and letting go of toxic or unhealthy relationships, and only surrounding myself with others who make me feel better and enrich my life in some way. And I think it's good to take a look at who I surround myself with from time to time and to never forget what the true meaning of friendship is.

And on that note, a few photos from the week so far of some of my favorite people-

 photo 498C7791-D39E-498A-949F-168B8DBB4227_zpshbwcsvju.jpg  photo B7394F33-C629-4D44-A896-8144DE44467B_zpsch3dieyw.jpg  photo 2CD9B603-B160-491C-B066-4784576310F3_zpszo96oksd.jpg  photo 59D5BA36-B13B-48A1-92CA-C5A223625C48_zpsompfshe6.jpg

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