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The only thing I don't like about traveling is the packing and unpacking- it takes forever. I am the the type to unpack and start the laundry and light candles and get the house back to normal the moment we get home from traveling. So our bags are unpacked, the laundry has been started, the candle in the kitchen in lit, stories have been read, and two very tired girls that still smell of sunscreen have been kissed goodnight and tucked in bed under cool, clean sheets.

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We arrived at our little cottage at the campground late Tuesday afternoon. The girls played back and forth between the loft and the bunk-beds while Josh and I unpacked and settled into our home for the next four days. We ate hot dogs and corn on the cob on the screened in porch and then headed down to the beach, introducing our girls to a tiny piece of Maine. We collected seashells, played in the sand, found jellyfish, walked along the almost empty beach holding hands with the girls, and laughed as the cold waves crashed against our shins.I smiled when I heard Kennadie say, "This is the best day ever!" and I love that, years later, she still says this on many, many days. After leaving the beach we stopped for a quick trip to the playground  at our resort and ended our night with a fire and s'mores. The entire day was perfect.

 photo 0DCB33E9-63E2-4B38-AE9D-ADD14A254E61_zpsw3hbpilx.jpg  photo 750F8F4E-4A64-49C1-AC40-30FF065A904F_zpsukujxmzl.jpg

I had a mental checklist of all that I wanted to do while we were here- play under the Pier, take a ride on the Old Orchard Beach Pier Ferris wheel, watch a sunset and sunrise on the beach, eat fried clam strips while sitting outside overlooking the ocean, see a lighthouse, eat ice cream. And while it's good to have an idea of things you want to do and see and have your kids experience, I realized it didn't matter if the drive Kennadie and I took on that rainy Sunday didn't land us at the lighthouse like I was hoping; our impromptu trip to the beach to catch a quick glimpse of the huge waves during the little storm was so much more fun and something I am sure we will both remember for a long time. We I laughed like crazy because we were soaked from the rain and the wind was whipping sand against our bare legs and Kennadie started running back toward the car because she really was hating it. It didn't matter if my girls were too tired to come with me to watch the sunset on the beach Monday night because I got forty-five minutes of alone time at my favorite place and to take pictures and think and just be. It didn't matter if I was too tired to get up to watch the sunrise on the beach because the one-on-one time with Nicole each morning as she climbed into our bed and wrapped her arms around my neck for hugs was just as beautiful as the sunrise. It didn't matter that Nicole was too tired the first night to stay up for a fire and s'mores because we were able to get one-on-one time with Kennadie. And while we did many of the things that I wanted to experience and for my girls to experience, it was also those unplanned and in-between moments that will forever be remembered.

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Some of my favorites from our trip-

Movie on a rainy day. 
I wasn't too happy knowing it was going to rain, but we made the most of it. We took the girls out to dinner after going to see Inside Out (it was Nicole's first movie in the theater), and we went all out on the snacks- popcorn, kit kats, twizzlers, and reeses pieces. 

 photo F64F2B7B-5D1C-4BE2-9B1A-2E40F792BBE6_zpsqy87wnqp.jpg

The beach after the little storm. 
It was the perfect time to come to the beach. It was uncrowded and the waves were big and the sky was mysterious and colored with grays and blues.

 photo IMG_4763_zpshcuzj57t.jpg  photo IMG_4770_zpsa4sg9zwt.jpg  photo IMG_4775_zpsrjc8navd.jpg  photo IMG_4782_zpshdsqxlvj.jpg  photo IMG_4783_zpsraklvwbu.jpg
 photo IMG_4791_zpsymiylmmu.jpg

Editing photos and seeing this.
She is growing up so quickly and in this picture I see little, which doesn't happen too often anymore.

  photo IMG_4784_zpsw81zrbsz.jpg

Sunset on the beach.

 photo IMG_4799_zpsrxe3frrv.jpg  photo IMG_4797_zpsvyex3zh0.jpg  photo IMG_4825_zpsgcoqvwfw.jpg
 photo 0A4F5B0A-AAE5-4780-9EFE-A09254A7B865_zpsytdlrpek.jpg  photo 3F03D887-2B4C-47F2-89D6-DFD50E8E35E9_zpsgmish0ug.jpg  

Campfires and s'mores.

 photo IMG_4836_zps2d4pdad4.jpg  photo IMG_4848_zps2dpgxz9v.jpg

Playing and hanging out on the beach. 

 photo E689D45F-EDE7-415A-B85D-C8BD4932A523_zpsrqdo3fsk.jpg  photo BFF9C4F4-04BE-486F-9E18-FE132D264F99_zpsiflu4afb.jpg  photo CC0CE208-2F39-4401-B493-4AAB9602CCC8_zpsyrjpnzxp.jpg

The Pier. 
It was a long walk down and an even longer walk back carrying Nicole on my hip, but it was one of my favorite moments just walking and playing under the pier.

 photo 23184EF9-C3F7-40C0-A45C-18B2B97D2956_zpsvbd77l38.jpg  photo 8B64F1AF-3EC5-42BA-8B2C-ABCEF0A11F21_zps8l2cgnwc.jpg

Pool time.
Kennadie has been really adamant about swimming without floaties and she is doing so great. She kept telling me that she couldn't swim- which I don't know why she felt this way because she can swim and I have seen her swim many times. For some reason she didn't have confidence so I am glad that she has gotten over this and proved to herself that she could do it. She has also perfected her underwater swim that she just has to show to anyone and everyone that will watch her.

 photo 24275462-CE7A-4306-A978-410625B40040_zps9se4z5lt.jpg

The girls loved the hot tub.

  photo 8F2859CB-318E-4D11-A2F7-58B73ED4365E_zpsbonilh2x.jpg  photo F848299C-41ED-42E4-9975-B4AB0037CE94_zps2esex7os.jpg

Walking around Old Orchard Beach and The Pier. 

 photo 0251552B-64FA-4E23-A7F7-E34FE60D2EB0_zpsknt5ou1h.jpg  photo E4CD0ADC-4734-4CB3-A2DD-6AE52C70E661_zpslkdyyolm.jpg
 photo 6CCFCCFE-1EA0-444D-94B3-9AAAFECC8298_zps93odwryx.jpg

While we waited for our lunch on the Pier I took the girls down to the beach to play in the sand and jump over waves.

  photo F9D292F8-6745-4859-A5A3-FF8A1307C281_zpszmjyf7kb.jpg  photo DAEE2CF8-B513-4C6F-8A7F-219F6104D81F_zpsbqomfwd1.jpg

She loves swimming and going to the lake but she was terrified of the waves at the ocean; she was content just playing in the sand.

  photo 4E9BBB37-BB53-413D-A949-FA7947B5B046_zpssokvquni.jpg

I was so excited to get my fried clam strips, they were freakin' delicious. 

  photo F12FB187-EB32-49CD-936B-6ADC1CCA82F5_zpsowokvpsi.jpg

A ride on the Old Orchard Beach Carousel and Ferris Wheel.

 photo 2112E64A-37D7-46C8-B042-CC494670734C_zpsku43e03j.jpg   photo 76ADAA35-8B37-438C-B848-10D90AE43117_zps9orcasz2.jpg  photo 356EC205-E00A-40B8-A853-8D012D3603E0_zpstj9zxj2v.jpg  photo F0E85BDD-5D7A-4BDA-9F65-0D3D4A526FD1_zpse0uiykmy.jpg

And we couldn't leave without getting ice cream, which I have to say was one of the best (if not the best) ice creams I have ever had.

 photo 58B2FCF1-9A9E-469E-BBAF-FAD14137C7B8_zps6ylfdpk1.jpg

The beauty of Maine.
Sometimes I forget that we have many, many beautiful places right here in New England and it's scenes like these that make me fall in love with where we live.

 photo IMG_4832_zpspxf7yt9m.jpg  photo CC2DEAAD-4231-4D96-83CC-645609B4CC39_zpstytaw5lp.jpg  photo AF685FEF-539C-47B7-8C76-327B74ED0974_zpsjuspklr1.jpg

Feeling full and grateful and we are already talking about going back again. 

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