Monday, July 20, 2015

let the adventures begin

As I sit here on the back patio in this little town on the Cape I am feeling thankful for this vacation and time with family- all of us together in this one house. Eating eggs and pancakes and muffins and munchkins for breakfast together. Going our separate ways for lunch and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on our sandy blanket at the beach. All of us coming back together at the end of the day for dinner. Waking up early and walking upstairs to the smell of coffee and the sound of a quiet house. Sitting on the black chairs on the front porch with my mom, Opa, Dakota, and the girls early in the morning. Playing bingo and go fish. Everyone gathered together in the living room- sprawled out on the blue couch, sitting on the bar stools, and lounging on the over-sized, off-white leather chair. At times everyone doing their own thing but still all together- my mom making dinner in the kitchen, Opa and Oma in their spots watching T.V., the girls getting a little break here and there to watch Netflix on my phone, and Josh and I sitting outside on the back patio- him playing a game on his phone, me writing.

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After a later than we would have liked start (because Nicole woke up Saturday morning with a fever and we wanted her to see the doctor just in case she needed medicine) the much anticipated family trip to the Cape finally began. Josh drove almost sixty miles along 495 and I sat in the passenger seat with my feet propped up on the dashboard- taking little video clips or a picture here and there and passing snacks to the back. Kennadie drove up with the rest of my family earlier in the day so she wouldn't have to wait around for us to take Nicole to the doctor, and despite Nicole having a fever she was a trooper for the two hour car ride- happy to nap on and off or eat snacks that I passed back to her or just looking out the window and playing with their little camera.

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 We arrived around dinner time on Saturday and were greeted by my sister, Kennadie, Opa and Oma, and my parents. We put Nicole to bed early and let Kennadie stay up late to play bingo with peanut M & M's. Nicole woke up on Sunday and her fever was gone (thankfully!) so when Tim arrived we all headed down to the beautiful Wequaquet lake which was right across the street from where we were staying. 

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We all came back to the house to shower and let Nicole nap for a bit and then we headed down to Spanky's (a great restaurant in Hyannis that we love) for dinner. We walked around for a bit after we ate and then grabbed some ice cream down at Four Seas before calling it a night.

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After waking up early and sitting outside on the front porch with my mom and the girls this morning Josh and I grabbed muffins and munchkins for everyone, and then Krista, Tim, Josh, and I took the girls down to Craigville beach- which is a really beautiful beach on Nantucket Sound. The beach is clean, there are a ton of shells to choose from to collect, and the water was really warm for the ocean. We ate lunch on our blankets that were spread out on the beach and had a really relaxing morning. We headed back to the house in the afternoon and the guys (and Nicole) all napped while Krista, my mom, Kennadie, and I sat outside on the back patio, drinking coronas, and talking and laughing. It was so nice.

  photo 0F07EE5A-6E89-4C74-9463-15D828A02E45_zpsy1fr3eq2.jpg  photo 703F90DB-BBE0-49EF-8966-3E0CAC28FF1F_zpscxk8prhp.jpg

After a spaghetti and meatball and garlic bread dinner, Krista and Tim left as he has to get back to work and my mom and I took the girls back down to Craigville beach for sunset. 

  photo 0BAE25D9-AF90-4589-A59A-334F875D62E2_zpsdrcozifd.jpg  photo 8A79F728-7EB8-4BB4-9995-4EE39D2178BC_zps6jrrnajf.jpg  photo IMG_5123_zpsiwcji2ya.jpg  photo IMG_5101_zpszzgqz6ct.jpg  photo IMG_5127_zpszmn473vf.jpg  photo CFC97231-1609-4971-BF7C-56B2E0962BD2_zps4o2s9igm.jpg  photo IMG_5107_zps9kodlzwl.jpg  photo IMG_5132_zpszyqcuzsi.jpg  photo 2B1B38B6-161D-45B8-A8B8-AFB26BF1E0AC_zpszqp8sl5h.jpg

The pinks and blues and rainbow colors in the sky and the golden glow from the sun setting was really so beautiful. Kennadie started with a little bit of an attitude, which I have to say reminded me a lot of how I was when I was little- she was bored because we didn't bring a kite like that other kid had and I didn't think to bring her bathing suit and there was absolutely nothing to do at the beach! I had to come up with something fast before I lost her completely, so I suggested she swim with her clothes on. And that we did and I got my happy girl back :) The water was so warm and we had so much fun swimming together that night. It was definitely special and one of those moments that I will never forget.

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And some videos of the past three days-


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