Friday, July 10, 2015

a big ol' update

Wednesday night, while I was out with some friends at dinner to celebrate Amy's birthday, I checked my phone after we ate and I saw this picture that Josh sent me-

 photo AE5D3121-297A-4C58-AED1-FBE8E794A2B4_zpsjxad7mnm.jpg

Kennadie lost her first tooth! I just about had tears in my eyes when I saw the picture because I missed it and was not there. Maybe it's not a big deal to some, but my family is my world and they mean everything to me and Kennadie had been so excited about losing this tooth for what seems like months now. It was a huge deal to her. Knowing how big of a deal this was to her and knowing that she would really want me to be there I had to get home to her, so I left after we ate dinner instead of staying at the restaurant for ice cream. I wouldn't have missed it for anything. There was no way I would ever miss anything that is special for my kids and if it means leaving wherever I am to get to them as fast as possible then that is what I will do without even giving it a second thought. And I am so glad that I did because it is something that I am sure we will all remember forever.

Kennadie left this little note for the tooth fairy with a dollar attached to it- so cute. And that is one of the million things I love about her.
  photo 37F1F7C1-4B32-4A9E-9272-BABECB3D3CD3_zpshxp3xtat.jpg

Besides Monday and Tuesday, the rest of our week has been great. Beth came for Nicole's early intervention this week and it has been decided that she will just come about once a month from now on for the next few months because Nicole is doing so well. We will keep her in group because Nicole loves her little "school", and as much as we love and will miss having Beth here every week we are all so proud of how far Nicole has come since last summer!

What else? We are finally breaking down and trading in one of our cars for a newer and bigger one. As much as we really don't want to, because lets face it cars are expensive, right now our choices are to keep the older cars and keep putting money into them or get a new one. We have been thinking about this for a good few months now so it's definitely not something we are taking lightly at all, it's a big purchase. We really do need something bigger because right now we can't even fit the two girls and the dog in my car and when we went to Maine we could barely fit our luggage in for those 4 days, so it's definitely time for something with a bit more room.

And I officially have the next five/six weeks off from school and I am so glad that I took the summer off. It feels great to have a little break right now and I am really happy I get to spend the rest of the summer with the girls without worrying about fitting in school full-time. They are only little for so long and I remind myself of this all the time and I work hard at doing my best to enjoy each and every single day that I have with them.

Looking forward to enjoying the rest of our summer with the girls and spending many, many days like this.

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