Tuesday, May 19, 2015

stream of consciousness

Things have been busy around here lately- it's the last full month of school for Kennadie, we are *trying* to potty train Nicole (she peed on the potty once a week and a half ago but has not done it again since- despite my efforts of trying pretty hard), we have had some really warm days, been spending time outside, painting the kitchen, I am trying to redo every room in the house as it needs a little update badly, and we have been slowly organizing the basement and garage. I have all A's in my classes and have been on the Dean's list and I am working my ass off to keep that up. We met up with Nicole's biological brother the other weekend at a playground and we are having a visit with her bio mom and dad soon. Josh's birthday is Thursday (he is turning 38, eek!) so my parents are taking the girls for the night on Saturday which I am really looking forward to. I went out with my girlfriends the other night to Via for dinner and we sat outside on the patio and it was nice to just get out with friends for a few hours. I am sure there is so much more that has happened and going on, but this is the first time I have really sat down to write in a while and as much as I always have thoughts and ideas swirling around my head, when I actually do get the chance to sit down for a bit and write I get writer's block. Figures, right? Anyway, here are some photos of our may so far.

 photo 79A782AD-F98B-4E99-827E-10A2B053F452_zps6eb6e8ki.jpg

  photo E0DB029D-3D0D-4B71-98A9-1B2B9EAD0D6D_zpssktyqael.jpg

  photo ECE15A9E-227C-4EF2-A602-D1D342272C66_zpstpondmdx.jpg

  photo 6CE70E00-AFE5-4F16-83A0-502F7B4729D6_zpsjdezdhzp.jpg

  photo E6E179D1-844E-442E-A58B-0D7A57D63CDD_zpsmr61rudg.jpg

  photo IMG_4505_zpsitvby2qm.jpg

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