Saturday, May 9, 2015

an adoption party

We celebrated Nicole's adoption last night with our closest friends and family. I only have iphone pictures because it was a lot with around 50 people here, smore's and a backyard fire, messes, talking to everyone, eating, and a ton of kids. My cousin drew the picture of Nicole below and it was such a special gift and she is such an amazing and talented artist! My mom got all the kids these puppy stuffed animals to take home with them instead of "goody" bags. The puppies came with adoption certificates to go with the adoption theme. How cute, right?! And Laura got the girls big sister/little sister Elsa and Anna pink shirts with their names on the back of the shirts, which was also a really thoughtful gift. It was a special evening full of food and laughs and love and we couldn't be happier to have had everyone here for this special occasion.

 photo 4626CB54-4599-4B97-95F0-26FC1B47B1B2_zpsmgacbbk4.jpg

  photo DC8B49C9-5FBC-438C-810E-E1E8AE05D619_zpsznuzgkg9.jpg

  photo D6B6EB87-8EEF-4115-8734-BB9E5E3C8085_zpsvnufvvqi.jpg

  photo EB4F9ADB-7764-4192-B140-442AED02162D_zpsgcylpfuv.jpg

  photo A143BDAE-7864-48DA-8BF9-7087444DE7CF_zpsssqp6oyh.jpg

  photo D33FABC7-E13E-4FD6-9C1A-610BFE72ACBE_zpsbvdlpdqz.jpg

  photo E44463AF-3CFA-46E2-8688-340BDB5E5D4D_zpsbhzdojls.jpg

  photo B20521B9-B6C8-4F65-8B45-3F175FAB8839_zpsvqu0yqeq.jpg

  photo 62F83588-8583-4ABE-B55E-FC719223CF66_zpsn73frig3.jpg

  photo 5CD4E300-63A8-4026-8E93-3AC67A418829_zpszhnlpsy7.jpg

  photo 2F5AB65C-1FD1-40AA-9E0C-DB9EBF3A6193_zpsph9z9xik.jpg

  photo FB158CD4-99F1-4449-A236-BA97F67EC9F8_zpshzakawix.jpg

  photo 5F3B6AE2-8A2C-4C73-82E0-67EC215A3CEC_zpshkxghqan.jpg

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