Sunday, April 26, 2015

from the zoo

I think it should be noted that being a mom, taking care of all of the house responsibilities, being in school full-time, bills, errands, making meals, taking care of the animals, and everything else that we do each and every day is hard work. I can't imagine working full-time right now on top of everything. Most days I feel the busyness take over and feel as if I am just staying afloat. Today my mom and dad took the girls to buy outfits for Nicole's adoption day and then they went out to lunch, so I used that time to catch up on bills, planning Nicole's adoption party, my fafsa paperwork that was due back in, oh, March, emails, paperwork, my blurb album, and the rest of my photos from April, and I would call that pretty productive

Catching up from photos from April vacation. We spent a day with Laura and the kids at Roger Williams Zoo.

These two are just the cutest of friends. Always holding hands.

My favorite part about the day was watching the kids run through the spray park. It was the second warmest day so far since last year, and the sun felt so amazing on us. The kids didn't have bathing suits, but they ran care-free through that water, laughing and smiling. They were completely soaked by the time we were ready to go, but it was worth it.

More fun at the zoo: the close bonds we share with our friends

The kids stopping at every bench or log and wanting their picture taken and then uploading the photos and seeing this

It was a beautiful day.

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