Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I am writing a quick post where the cool spring breeze seeps through the window cracked open in front of my desk and where I can hear the radio on downstairs and the birds chirping outside. Kennadie is at school and Nicole is napping and I have a few minutes before I need to start on school work.

We took a day during April vacation week and went to the Science Museum in Boston with friends.

This was the first time my girls have taken the T and the kids loved it. Our first ride was nice and we had the entire back two rows to ourselves until some nice man came and sat with us. Warren kept taking off his shoes and giving them to the guy and we were loud and Warren was not happy and cried and screamed. Not sure what this guy was thinking when he sat with us :) Although we left a little after 9am and had to switch T's and we didn't actually get to the museum until lunch time and didn't really get to spend too much time there and at times it was stressful keeping track of all the kids and dealing with meltdowns, we had so much fun and there were so many laughs.

Favorite moments from the day:

Hanging out with our closest friends and my girls.

Tantrum number 127- Nicole on the ground in the middle of the museum, overtired and sucking her thumb. You gotta pick your battles :)

Tantrum number 395- Warren, miserable and way overtired :)

The kids losing their minds by the end of our time at the museum and acting silly and crazy.

Not quite sure what the hell we were thinking after having the kids out of our houses since 9am, but we thought eating dinner at 7pm at Friendly's after we got back would be a great idea. There were many meltdowns- we were all tired and hungry, there were two waitresses for the entire restaurant, the waitress was in tears because she couldn't keep up and was literally about to quit, Ben came and took Warren home because more crying, and we didn't get out of there until 9pm.

Wouldn't have changed it for anything, though.

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