Monday, March 16, 2015

Great wolf lodge

We took the girls to Great Wolf Lodge for Kennadie's 6th birthday gift. We had an amazing time! Kennadie fell when she was running in Nicole's room as I was packing to get ready for us to leave. She bit her tongue so bad and was bleeding. It was awful and unfortunately ruined her mood for a while. She couldn't eat right as it hurt so that made it worse for her. We ended up having the best time on our mini getaway though and she became happier and happier as the day went on. The girls and Josh did rope climbing and we all did as many games as we could. Nicole went down for a nap that afternoon while I stayed in the room to get some homework done while Kennadie and Josh went and played some games. We ate pizza there for dinner and then the rest of the night we spent at the water park and played arcade games and ate ice cream. We had the breakfast buffet in the morning and hung out at the water park until it was time to leave. Two things I absolutely loved- seeing the happiness on Kennadie's face and watching my two girls and their bond that they share.

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