Saturday, March 7, 2015


Thinking about- How far behind I am on blogging! I still have a ton of drafts waiting to be published from February, but school work has been taking up so much of my time that I haven't had a chance to sit down and write and edit photos. I am definitely still trying to find some kind of a balance of motherhood, taking care of the house stuff, being in school full-time, and everything in-between. I miss writing though and it's hard to sit down and write after not being able to for a while. So I will start here with a currently post to get back into the groove of it. Although I have made this space private for now I enjoy having it, even if it's just for me to read and look back on and to print out for my family and for my girls to have as they get older. I miss the connections I was making back when I was blogging a lot publicly, though.

Reading- Three Little Words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter. Ashley grew up in in the foster-care system and her memoir is beautifully written and is heartbreaking to read at times. I heard that they are making a documentary from this book and I can't wait to see it if that does happen. I am just about done with the book and it was definitely a great read. I would highly recommend it.

Listening to- Lately I have been listening to Ed Sheeran's X album. So, so good. Thinking Out Loud and Nina are two of my favorites on the album so far, and I am a bit obsessed with Bloodstream- so good!

Looking forward to- Spring and summer. Ugh, this winter has been brutal and cold and there's only so much you can do inside day after day. Also looking forward to finalizing our adoption with Nicole. It's getting closer, but we are still waiting on a date to go to court to finalize. Can't wait to get our date!

Watching- Still loving my Teen Mom shows :) And The Voice is back on which is always so good.

Making me happy- My little family of four, Opa doing okay, spending time with our friends, knowing spring is right around the corner, making plans for vacations and for the summer, watching the girls have their little dance parties, having A's in every class. I am pushing myself like crazy to keep up with getting all A's. I would probably be devastated if I ever even got a B. Ha. I didn't care in high school or in the first round of college, but I really, really care now and it is so important to me.

Ending this post with two photos from my phone recently-

My girls eating a pancake breakfast at their little table.

Painting, cause there's not much else left to do inside!

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