Tuesday, March 31, 2015

bits and pieces of march in iphone photos

Trying to catch up with over two months of pictures and stories is too much right now but I would at least like to have these pictures here.

Some bits and pieces of March in iphone pictures-

Spa days with the girls.

Kennadie crawls in Nicole's crib sometimes to read her stories or just play in the morning. Such a naturally good big sis!

Getting out of the house!

She has a weird obsession with drawing on herself :) It's funny and adorable.

Kennadie's report card of herself. Although her teacher said she always does everything on here :) Her teacher had nothing but nice and great things to say about her and we couldn't be more proud of Kennadie!

Josh left us flowers for our birthday and she loved this!

Kennadie's first school concert.

Nap time. So freakin cute!!

Thursday afternoon library trips after school with Raine and Sevin.

Messy girl!

Cinderella  movie with my mom, Krista and Kennadie.

Tea parties.

She loves looking through photos.

Spa night at the library with friends.
The girls got their hair and nails done. They loved it and looked so cute!

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