Sunday, February 1, 2015


Watching- We have two episodes of Parenthood left on our dvr and I'm so sad to see it ending. They most definitely could have kept going with this show and I'm going to be so bummed when it's over. We started Friends on netflix from season one (again) and watch whenever we get a chance. That show is probably my all time favorite and I could never get sick of it. Also, it's so weird but watching it this time around is funnier than ever.

Thinking about- I thought I only had twelve classes left but I have 20. I'm a little bummed cause I thought I was going to be done sooner than I probably will be. A little disappointing. I am trying to figure some ways that I can add more classes and try to get this done sooner. I have been thinking about going right on for my Masters as soon as I am done. I would hate to stop and try to go back because I did that already and it took me how many years to go back for my Bachelor's?! I am still really leaning toward social work and going for my Master's in that. 

Reading- I have a ton of samples on my kindle and haven't picked one yet to start. Stitches by Anne Lamott seems really good and I am thinking I may go with that next. I also have Help Thanks Wow, Carry on Warrior, A Thousand Mornings, and Unplanned that are on my next to read list. 

Celebrating- A few weeks ago Opa had another surgery because of blood in the brain, was in rehab again, and just yesterday he came home. We celebrated him being home with apple pie and ice cream and we all hung out down there for a bit to just be with him. 

Making me happy- Having all A's in every class so far. In high school and in college when I was younger I really didn't care at all and literally just got by in every class and some I even failed. Now, it is so different and my feelings on school are much different. I want to do good. I care. I want all A's. It's really important to me now. My girls and husband and my animals and family. Opa being home. Painting the house and thinking about all of the updating and rearranging I would love to do soon. Thinking about vacations for this year. Writing more. Nicole and her infectious laugh. Having Kennadie and Josh home on snow days. So much to be thankful for! 

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