Saturday, February 28, 2015

a few pieces of february vacation week

It's the beginning of April and I am up early so I thought I would start trying to catch up from posts from February. School work has taken over my life but it's important for me to have posts and photos here too :)

Some pieces from February vacation-

Living room dance parties.

School work on the couch so I can at least be with my girls.

Forts and tea parties.

Movie watching.

Hot cocoa party for the kids at Stef's.

Krista's 30th family birthday dinner and cake.

Dinner date with daddy.
Kennadie has a hard time going to bed at night sometimes. It's an hour long process. She needs water. She needs to go to the bathroom. It's always something. So she has been earning rewards if she goes to bed easily. For her first reward she chose to go to dinner with Josh at Pub99.

Bath time.

Sisters playing.

Ear infection for Kennadie. Doctors visits and cuddles on the couch.

Sisterly love.

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