Thursday, January 15, 2015


Trying to catch up a bit over the last few weeks and it's so hard to do with so much school work right now! Nicole's napping and Kenna is watching Wild Kratts and I am trying to catch up on some photos and blogging and eventually more school work.

Seriously, I love watching these two little girls and their bond and relationship grow. Kenna is such a great big sister and Nicole just adores her. I hope they grow up super close and the best of friends. I didn't have that closeness with my sister (I was horrible to her at times) and I regret it so much now that I am older.

Our winter mornings waiting for the school bus.

It was so random, but Nicole woke up one night and threw up all over her bed. She never, ever cries or calls out for us so we didn't know for a few minutes until I checked the monitor and noticed she was sitting up in her crib. I slept on the floor in her room with her that night, gave her a warm bath in the morning and since her blankie and pillow were ruined with throw up we ran to the store and she picked out a new blankie and pillow. The moment she held that blanket she laid down in the cart and started sucking her thumb. Haha, she was content from that moment on.

Nicole had her two year doctor appointment and besides the two shots and some bloodwork she did great. I got her a donut after the appointment and she must have been so tired because she passed out in the car while holding the donut. Years ago I started this little tradition with Kennadie after each doctor or dentist appointment where we go somewhere special and fun and/or she would get a special treat like a donut or smoothie or something like that. I love that I get to keep that tradition going with both of them now.

The day after her doctor appointment she had her dentist appointment. She did good but she definitely still hates anyone brushing her teeth!

 Her new thing every time we go to Oma and Opa's is she climbs up on their laps and cuddles with them sucking her thumb. So ridiculously adorable.

So much school work. Hoping it will be worth it all in the end!

Random playing around the house with my girls. 

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