Thursday, January 8, 2015

happy second birthday, nicole!


You are silly and love to make people laugh. You are strong-willed and want what you want, when you want and you throw tantrums when you don't get what you want. You have made all of us- including our closest family and friends fall in love with you and you love them all, too. You are an extremely lovable and friendly little girl and you adore your big sissy. You are so very sweet and are so gentle with animals. You love Doc McStuffins and Monster High and coloring and you get pissed when Kenna doesn't let you play with the Monster High castle. You love to cuddle and you love your blankie and Elsa and Jasmine dolls and must have them in your crib to sleep each night.

We celebrated your second birthday today with family with pizza and cupcakes that I made for you. These past seven months have gone by so fast and it feels as if you have been here forever. We may have missed out on your first 17 months of life but we truly believe you were meant to be here and you became part of our family the moment you arrived. We couldn't imagine life without you and feel so blessed to have you as our little girl. We love you sweet girl! Happy second Birthday!

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