Sunday, January 4, 2015

christmas break

I think this Christmas break was my favorite one yet. We kicked off our Christmas vacation with our Christmas party with friends and Christmas Eve spent with Josh's side of the family and Christmas Day spent with my side of the family. The rest of the week we enjoyed just being home together and being with family and friends. It was so incredibly relaxing and wonderful and I really never wanted it to end. We all went to bed too late on most nights and I loved getting up early many mornings and sleeping in on others and lounging around and going nowhere if that is what we chose to do. The girls loved singing and dancing to the karaoke machine and playing with all of their new toys. I sucked it up and took the girls to the playground even though I hate, hate the cold. And I am so glad that I did because we had such a good time together. I was super productive and redid and painted both of the girls' bedrooms and also the playroom. Kennadie helped me paint the playroom and she talked the entire time. I will hopefully never forget that night with her because it was just the best, the two of us painting and talking away. We went ice skating with friends and ate hot dogs and fried dough and drank hot cocoa. I didn't get on the ice because there was no way Nicole could ice skate and they didn't even have skates in her size so I stood back with her and we took pictures and walked around the rink with the kids while they skated. Kennadie went to Kaitlyn's after skating and I took Nicole home for a nap. The last half and hour we were there she was miserable and tired and I am sure she was super cold and she passed right out right on the car ride home. We also met up with Nicole's bio brother at Zoinks one afternoon and the kids all get along so great and had a blast together.

New Years Eve day I took the girls to Toys r us (because we really need more toys, right?) to use their gift cards, but Kennadie could only find one thing she wanted and as we were going up and down the aisles I couldn't even think of anything else Nicole needed. I have come to realize so many toys look so great in the commercial or in the box but once I really think about and think if they will really even play with most of these toys, the answer is no. So we saved the gift cards for another time which I was really happy that Kennadie didn't just buy something just to get it. We spent New Years Eve down at my parents' house with Opa and Oma and ate Chinese food and cheese cake for dessert. The girls had a dance party with the karaoke machine and we all had a really good time. That night Josh and I watched Wolf on Wall Street after the girls went to bed. Such a good movie!

I am usually not a huge New Years Eve person but this one was the best- time with family and a really great movie with Josh. It was perfect. The entire school vacation was perfect and I am really sad to see it all ending.

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