Wednesday, December 24, 2014

our christmas party

My dad came up to our house a few hours before the Christmas party started and let me know that my mom had taken Oma to the hospital because she had lost feeling on one side of her body and they thought it was possibly a mini stroke. My heart sank. I wanted to be alone and cry and go see her. My mom texted me this morning that Oma has a pinched nerve and thankfully they didn't find anything else. I am still waiting to hear if she is going to come home today and I am really hoping that she does so we can all spend Christmas together. Last night, for a few hours while all of our friends were here I was able to escape the hurt I was feeling and just enjoy watching the kids when Santa (*cough*our friend Rob*cough) came and seeing how much fun everyone was having. I was able to really just be and it took my mind off of what was going on. 

We didn't do the Christmas party last year and, I can't really remember why. All of our schedules were probably conflicting and for whatever reason it just didn't work out. I had been wanting to do this again and it was even better than I had imagined. Christmas music played in the background, tons of food spread out on the counters, and friends gathered around the kitchen island talking and laughing while the kids all ran around and played together. It was an amazing night full of smiles and friends. We are making some wonderful Christmas memories for these kids.

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