Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How is it already Christmas Eve Eve?! This month has gone by way too fast and I can't believe this week is already here. I thought that once my school work was done I would be able to slow down but emails and bills and papers and the house and activities don't stop and it was a little hard to actually slow down like I had wanted to.

Although we did squeeze in some time to make reindeer cookies and a gingerbread Christmas tree.

We kick off Christmas week tonight with a Christmas party with friends at our house and for the rest of this week it is family time and I will be present and not let other little things get in the way and be more mindful and really take time to stop and enjoy every moment I can and soak it all up. I am so ready to just be with my husband and my girls for the rest of the week.

Kennadie with friends for buddy day trying out karate for the first time.


Waiting in the car in the mornings for the bus because I am such a baby in the cold. 

Looking forward to seeing my girls excitement on Christmas morning. 

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