Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 year in review part 1

January- Snowy walks.

February- So many moments from our trip to Florida.

How the walrus followed Kennadie everywhere and started splashing around whenever she would get up to try to walk away.

Josh being called up at this show.

Being with family.

Portofino Bay with Josh.

Kennadie meeting the princesses.

Our hotel.

Early morning flights and Kennadie's first time on an airplane.

Hanging out by the pool.

March- Kennadie's 5th birthday party and having Opa and Oma and Bruce here.

April- Spending time with family and Disney on Ice and our annual Easter egg hunt with friends.

May- playing in our yard, a day at the zoo and dog park with my little girl, and Mother's Day.

June- Nicole came home! Kennadie's dance recital, barbecues with friends, fun at the lake, smores, swimming and gymnastics class, Josh's first father's day to two little girls, summertime fun, days at the lake, strawberry picking.

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