Saturday, November 29, 2014

holiday traditions

Josh and I got up early this morning and went Christmas shopping for the girls while my mom watched them. We got them everything we wanted to and checked off pretty much everything on Kennadie's wish list. We definitely go all out for Christmas gifts and I justify this because other than birthday's we don't really buy toys at all throughout the year. Kennadie is starting to get into different things like telescopes and music and Monster High so we definitely have to update her toys from dora and princess figurines to more age appropriate toys. We ended the night by having my parents and Opa and Oma over for pizza and decorating the tree and Frosty the snowman. Perfect weekend!

 Every time someone tries to take a family photo of us Nicole always ends up crying, it's just how it is. Notice how she wasn't crying with Opa and Oma. Nope. Just when it's the four of us. We suck at family photos :)

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