Saturday, November 1, 2014

halloween 2014

We originally planned to go trick-or-treating with friends and do food at their house afterward. Kennadie had other plans in mind and was not budging on the fact that she wanted to stay around our neighborhood and trick-or-treat here. I wanted to convince her to go with our friends (especially because we had already made plans to), but I was also really proud of her that she knew what she wanted and voiced her opinion. She didn't care what "everyone else was doing" and that's a great quality to have.

While we waited for Josh to get home from work I took the girls down to my parents' house so they could show off their costumes to my parents and to Opa and Oma. When he got home we ate a quick pizza dinner and headed out to trick-or-trick.

This Halloween will always be remembered as our first Halloween as a family of four. It will always be remembered as our first Halloween that Kennadie was a big sister. I will never forget when last year she told me that she wanted to be Little Bo Peep and it just so happened that Little One came into our lives and was the perfect little sheep to go with the Little Bo Peep idea. It's kinda weird, really!

Josh mentioned to me at one point while we were walking, "I don't think Kennadie realizes what she is missing out on trick-or-treating with her friends." I looked at Kennadie as she walked in front of us with her huge smile that showed her excitement as we went house-to-house. "She is just happy to be doing this and being with us is good enough for her. We should enjoy the fact that she wants to be with her family because the year will come where she will not want to trick-or-treat with us at all and will only want to be with her friends."

The girls lasted about an hour/hour and a half before Kennadie started to tell us that her feet were hurting from walking and Little One started screaming because obviously she was so over it at that point. We hung out back at our house, ate a few pieces of candy, and Kennadie and Josh sat on the front steps together talking about soccer and passing out candy to the remaining few kids who were still out.

It was a great Halloween.

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