Monday, September 1, 2014

a new chapter

 Dear Kennadie, 

A few minutes ago I went into your room to check on you like I do every night. Before I walked out and quietly shut your door I paused for an extra minute to watch you sleep and I couldn't believe that we are already here. Today, I shed a few tears; you are still my baby and it's hard for me to grasp the reality that you will be in kindergarten tomorrow. It honestly still feels like yesterday when daddy and I brought you home from the hospital.

It feels like a piece of me will be missing. Although Nicole will be here, the house will have an emptiness that I have never experienced before; you will be missed during lunch time and while I get groceries or run errands, and I already can't wait until I can pick you up from school to hug you and kiss you and hang out with you and hear all about your day. Our days together over the past five years have been so, so special. Right now, there is a lot that is changing but we are starting this new chapter together and I know we will still have so many more special days together.

I know that we can't always cherish every single moment (that is just not reality) but I hope you can feel in your heart how hard I really have tried to. I wish so badly that I could press rewind and do this all over again with you and I will probably always wish that I could have read just one more book with you, cuddled you just a little longer, said yes more, played more, held you longer and tighter.

You are so excited about starting kindergarten and making new friends and music class and getting homework, and I know that you are ready for this. I am so excited for you but also so sad because I wish I could keep you home with me forever.

We are your biggest cheerleaders and we will always be here for you. I believe in you and there is so much love and happiness that surround you. You will do amazing things my little princess. Enjoy and have fun during this new chapter of your life.

I love you more than peanut butter cups!


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