Sunday, August 31, 2014

kids were here august 2014

I didn't take too many photos with my camera this month but I did manage to get a few shots here and there for the kids were here project. Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend, and as always you can check out the kids were here website here.

Little One hides our stuff anywhere she feels like it. Her favorite things to hide from us right now are the home phone and their hairbrush (which I still can't find anywhere).

Messy crafts at the kitchen table.

Random toys and blankets everywhere!

Little One's foster family sent us a photo album for her to have; although we do not have any photos of her from her first three months of life I am so thankful that they started this as soon as she moved in with them. I keep it out on her dresser and we look through it every once in a while and I also bought her an adoption book (just like a baby book) that we started filling in. I think it is so important for her to always know where she came from.

Barbies are a huge thing in our house.

Kennadie is really into taking every single toy bin and creating forts and castles with them. She didn't have any room left in the playroom so she continued her castle into the kitchen.

One night last week, Kennadie came up with the idea to make and hang party decorations, make a welcome home daddy sign that she hung on the garage door, and turn off the lights and yell surprise for Josh when he came home from work.

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