Wednesday, July 2, 2014

these days

These days I am watching a girl who has talked about having a sister for a very long time take on that big sister role now. The other day as we were eating breakfast she said, "Yay, I finally have a sister!" As if she just suddenly realized this. That made me so happy because in that moment I saw how truly happy and excited she is about having Little One as a sister.

These days I get to watch a bond between two sisters grow and deepen. Little One will randomly give Kennadie kisses throughout the day and copies everything she does. When we watch Kennadie at swim class Little One waves and screeches with excitement when Kennadie comes to the side of the pool to say hi to us and watches in amazement while Kennadie is in gymnastics class. These days I check my rear view mirror in the car and see Kennadie acting silly to make Little One laugh and I see two little girls bouncing away to the music.

These days I watch as two sisters fight over toys and watch Kennadie push Little One's buttons. I watch Kennadie close her door so Little One can't go in and play with her toys. These days I watch Kennadie take away a toy Little One has and replace that toy with something else. Little One gets distracted by the new toy and Kennadie gets what she wants. Sneaky little thing.

These days I am usually up with Josh around 5 AM, am much busier with two, and I am always trying to be one step ahead. These days it's trying to figure out a smooth and peaceful dinner and bath and bedtime routine and finding moments to give one-on-one attention to both girls.

These days we are enjoying summer the best we can. The TV is never on and our days are spent outside in the backyard on the swings and the slides, playing in the pool, running down the slip n' slide, and taking walks.

These days it's no longer just the two of us hanging out each weekday, but now it's the three of us. We are no longer a family of three but of four. These days it's more work and Little One can be stubborn and Kennadie gets out of bed at least three times each night to use the bathroom or wants to tell us this or that or needs a glass of water. These days I am running on empty by dinner time some nights and Josh and I really need a date night or a vacation alone, but the good and the smiles and the laughter and the not so good and the hard all make up our days right now and all of it weaves together to make a beautiful life that I wouldn't change for anything.

Josh was home this weekend and while he was getting yard work done around the house on Saturday morning I took the girls out to an ice cream festival with some friends.

We spent the rest of the weekend with family, sleeping in (a little) and Little One joined us at my parents' house for smore's and a fire.

She was in one of her moods.

The fire started off like this...

And ended up like this...

We enjoyed ourselves this weekend and loved having Josh home and we are hoping weekends with him soon become our new normal.

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