Monday, July 14, 2014

one month into this

I can't believe it has already been one month since Little One came into our home and I am so thankful at how smooth everything went! Now we just have to wait to make it official. We are also going to be working with Early Intervention soon to help with her speech, but I honestly don't think she will need it for long as we already see how much more she is talking and babbling away and repeating certain things we say. Overall, I think she is doing great and it feels like she has always been here.

A few things this month:

She loves to copy Kennadie and loves the animals.
She gets into everything and wants to put everything in her mouth.
She loves to eat- she seems to like fruit a lot, especially blueberries.
She likes to dance and move her hands to music.
She is a great sleeper. She naps in the afternoon for about two hours and sleeps from about seven at night until eight in the morning.
She is pretty easy going and is great at playing independently.
She throws tantrums by throwing herself on the ground (gently) and has the highest pitch scream you ever heard. Although, I do feel like the screams and tantrums are becoming less and less as she learns our routines etc.
She carries the blanket I bought her everywhere. It's definitely her comfort blanket and she won't take anything else.
When she first arrived she carried a teddy bear around everywhere but doesn't really use it anymore.
She sucks her thumb.
She is getting better and better with men.
She is the messiest eater. Ever.
She loves to snuggle.

This little one is so loved by everyone. She has a great smile and such a cute little laugh and I love her silliness. We couldn't imagine life without her!

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