Thursday, July 3, 2014


I took the girls to the lake this week. I carried Little One in one arm and my camera case, diaper bag, beach blanket and beach bag in the other arm from the car to the lake. Kennadie made friends with a little girl right away and took off with her and they spent most of our time here trying to catch fish with their buckets. I kept an eye on her while Little One splashed around in shallow water. It's a lot harder to take two to the beach by myself. Keeping an eye on one while having to stay with the other. Changing diapers now and making sure we get home in time for an afternoon nap before Little One completely loses it. And that last one, I was a little too late as she began melting down a little before noon while we were sitting on our blanket eating lunch. She wanted a strawberry but I didn't get it fast enough for her and from that point on it was over. She threw herself in the sand and screamed and cried. Complete meltdown that I have only seen others go through and have never been the one to experience it myself. There's a first for everything, right?! As soon as I decided it was time to go we couldn't get out of there fast enough. I was sweaty and somehow had more to carry back to the car than we came in with and the walk back seemed like it was miles away. It's a lot of work and wasn't easy once Little One started to get fussy, but we all had a great time and it's always so worth it.

Witnessing a moment like this takes my breath away. It will just happen. I'm cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast and I peer through the window into the sun room and will catch them playing and laughing together.

They are very much sisters. They fight, they hug, they kiss, they make each other laugh, they play, they love. Genes don't play a role in this relationship, but Kennadie doesn't understand having a sibling in any other way. A while ago, she even thanked me for adopting her. Ha! Although I did explain to her that she wasn't adopted, I kind of love that she said this. Biological or not, it doesn't matter one bit. Their relationship is based on creating memories and spending time together and learning to feel secure with each other.  Watching them together is exactly how I imagined it would be. It's even better.

We have begun to settle into new routines and what once was unfamiliar has now become familiar- waking up to two little ones every morning, grocery shopping with two, watching Kennadie at swim class while distracting Little One away from the pool, two smiling at me each day, checking on two every night before we head off to bed. It's more than I could have ever dreamed for.

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