Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4th of july weekend

The first summer storm rolled in Thursday night. Josh and I sat in the sun room and listened to the rain falling on the roof and the rumbling of the thunder and watched the lightning show that lit up the sky for a good half an hour. It brought me back to when we lived in our first house that we rented together- before kids, just the two of us and our four animals sitting on our enclosed front porch doing the same thing.

The rain continued on the Fourth which pushed our plans for the carnival and fireworks to Saturday. We kept our plans with friends, though and we took the kids out to dinner and it was probably one of the funnest dinners with the kids we have had. So much chaos and smiles and laughter and talking loudly so we could hear each other over the kids. I love our group of friends and the good energy that always comes with being around them.

On the way home, we were all in such great moods and the girls were in the back playing with their balloons they got from the restaurant and giggling the entire time. As I watched and listened to them I thought about how for the longest time I envisioned this exact scene- kids in the backseat together, laughing and playing and sometimes I can't even believe it's become our reality. My smile was huge and my heart was full.

We cancelled our beach plans for Saturday since we decided to do the carnival and fireworks with the girls at night and instead spent the day with family and splashing in the pool.

These two relaxing with their eyes closed for the longest time just floating around.

Late that afternoon, Kennadie came down with a fever so we had to cancel fireworks and the carnival this year. She was so disappointed that she wasn't going to see the fireworks and I felt so bad that she had to miss out. We took a family sunset walk instead and she insisted that my mom come over to watch Rio 2 with us. And that she did- what Nana's do for their grand kids.

Since she missed out on the carnival and fireworks we wanted to do something special for Kennadie and since she has been talking on and off about getting a pet fish for forever now we surprised her with a trip to Petco to pick out a fish. She named him Princess and picked out pink rocks and a plant for the fish tank. Unfortunately, he didn't even make it a full twenty-four hours. Monday afternoon when we came home from running errands and Little One's first dentist appointment Kennadie checked on him and he was at the bottom of the tank. I have no idea what we did wrong but we are not even going to try with another one. 

Sunday, we got out for ice cream at Ronnie's and since Kennadie didn't even finish her peanut butter cup sundae we knew she still wasn't feeling the best so we packed it up early and headed home.

It may not have been an ideal weekend, but we made the best of it. Hope whatever you did and wherever you were you had a great Fourth of July!

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