Sunday, June 29, 2014

stream of consciousness

So, there's this thing called the witching hour (or hours as it is in our house). I never knew this was a real thing until little one came into our family. But it is real and this past week I have joined the thousands of other parents who, come to find out, deal with it too. It usually begins around five o'clock here and lasts until the girls are bathed and in pajamas and finally cuddled up on Kennadie's bed for stories. That's about two hours of whining and shrieking and wanting to be held while I am trying to get dinner ready and the girls getting into things they shouldn't and complete chaos. After three days of this I knew I was losing control fast so I came up with a simple plan- give them something quiet to do while I pick up, finish any laundry, feed the animals, and get dinner ready. Friday, I gave them crayons and giant coloring pages and had little one sit in the kitchen so I could keep an eye on her and literally five seconds later I hear Kennadie giggling, "Umm, Mama...Come here! Look what she did!" Yeah, little one colored her entire face in blue crayon. And then, of course, Kennadie thought it was funny and had to do it, too. We were all laughing so hard. It's two against one now and they may have won on Friday, but I am determined to find ways to bring peace back into these last few hours of the day.


It's been a little over two weeks since little one has been here and we could not imagine life without her and I am really proud at the fact that so many around us, from family to friends to acquaintances, have said how happy she seems and how she seems to have fit in so easily and it's like she's always been here. It's really pretty amazing that others can see this, too.

In sixteen days, I have learned a few things: That it is more than possible to love your second child just as much as your first- that you may love different things about each of them, but it's the same type of love and it's constant and unconditional and equal. I have learned that children are resilient. That your oldest child may need a reminder here and there that you don't love the "baby" more or less than you love anyone else. That your oldest child may need a few extra hugs and kisses and one-on-one time with you and to soak all of that up. We never thought we would adopt as young as little one is; for months and months we thought we were going to adopt an older child/sibling group. But I am so incredibly thankful that she is here and a part of our family and I am grateful things turned out the way they did. Having a little one again has reminded me how much I love this age- the chubby legs, tiny feet, thumb sucking, wobbly walking, the way they fit in your arms all snuggled up.

Overall, it has been a really smooth transition. Because of Josh's work right now and the timing of how quickly everything happened, he wasn't able to take any time off yet (like he did when Kennadie was born), so we all had to just jump right back into our normal day-to-day routine and little one has adjusted incredibly well. Life is pretty much the same just with another little one to love.


This week, Kennadie started both swim and gymnastics classes. She absolutely loves her classes and I love watching her.

She is swimming on her own (in short distances) and jumped in...

but she forgot to hold her breath and ended up in tears.


This week, we had a few play dates with friends and spent a lot of time playing outside in the yard.

Little One copies everything Kennadie does and follows her around all over the place. Kennadie climbs up the slide, Little One has to try, too. Kennadie plays with the jump rope, Little One picks it up after her and tries jumping.

Jumping rope is a HUGE deal around here lately. She has gotten up to jumping a little over thirty times in a row. She takes this very seriously.


Their relationship is growing every day.

I love watching the way they interact and play together and fight over toys. I am seeing less and less jealousy and although Kennadie does get annoyed by her little sister sometimes (which is completely normal) Kennadie is very nurturing and loves to help and makes her laugh and she always comes in little one's room with me to get her up in the morning or from nap. They have really connected this past week and I look forward to watching their bond grow stronger and stronger.

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