Saturday, June 7, 2014


It's almost summer and I am looking forward to spending lots of time outside, cookouts, day trips, summer vacations, s'mores and fires in the backyard as the sun begins to set, and spending time with family and friends. I am also really excited to be volunteering for MARE as a photographer for adoption events in our area and for the Heart Gallery. Going through this process I have been introduced to a whole new world and have a special place in my heart for this and we completely understand the importance of showing prospective adoptive parents not just pictures of children, but to really show their personalities through these photos and hopefully help these children find their forever families. I am so excited to be a part of this.

from Josh's birthday in May

She is doing so great with reading. I love our time at night listening to her sound out words and watching her read books.

On this evening back in May, she all of a sudden just started swinging on her own so I had to grab my camera and capture it for the first time.

Last month we attending an adoption party and since it was our first party I will admit that it was a little awkward, but overall it really was a great experience. From attending this party we have been matched with a sibling group and we are so excited! When you get that email or phone call it's almost like when you are trying to get pregnant and you take that test and finally see the two lines you have been waiting for after months and months and months of negative tests. It's the beginning of it all feeling real and you are excited, happy, and scared all at the same time. Throughout a pregnancy there is still a lot you have to get through- confirming the pregnancy at the doctor's office through blood work, hearing the heartbeat, finally seeing your little baby on the screen, buying clothes and toys and a car seat and setting up the bedroom, waiting months and months for their arrival.  With this adoption process it's different, of course, but there is still a lot we have to get through though, too- the disclosure meeting, meeting the kids, buying clothes and toys and car seats and setting up the bedrooms, learning about who they are and what their likes and dislikes are and what their little personalities are, finding and settling into a new routine, hoping and waiting for the day these children become legally part of our family- which could take months or years. We will keep taking it day by day and we are really excited right now and are hoping for the best.

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