Friday, May 23, 2014

unscripted moments

I think I am so drawn to documentary and storytelling photography because of the simple fact that it's real and unscripted and unposed. The tiny details that make up our day-to-day life is something that we will look back on and treasure forever. When I capture small moments on camera and look at the photos, I am immediately taken back to that day and that place and those emotions.

Whether I capture a day at the zoo or a Saturday morning playing outside with friends, I love telling a story with photography. Capturing the authentic and unscripted moments are the most important photos to me- the ones where I will just have to snap away with whatever light I have available or at whatever time of day it is or when there isn't a pretty sunset or a field of flowers around to pose in, because it's the moment that matters most to me. I want to remember the way our kitchen looked and the bowls we used to make muffins and I want to remember the way Dakota and our neighbors dog would drive me completely crazy by constantly barking at each other. I know years from now the day will come where I will give anything to hear him outside barking.

I want to remember the way our yard looked before we have to take down the old swing set that was here when we first bought our house. Immediately, I am reminded of all the beautiful memories created back here- my days as a stay at home mom with just the two of us talking and dreaming and swinging and playing, morning play dates with friends, Josh kicking around a soccer ball with her, cookouts with family, the first time she started swinging on the swings on her own.

I want to remember the look of pure joy on her face and the colors of the swings and the quiet moments of play in the sandbox and all the fun we have playing out on our driveway and the flowers that surround us in our yard.

These are the photographs I love- the ones that often get overlooked, the ones that tell a story. Our stories are important and real and deserve to be captured just the way they are.

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