Wednesday, May 7, 2014

little moments

It's one of my favorite parts of the day.

Sitting here in my brown chair going through photos taken over the past few days, watching the sun slowly lowering behind the trees, the Let It Go CD playing loudly as Kennadie begins to fall asleep. It's my alone time to write and clear my mind and to go through pictures. Looking back on moments that are so small and normal and just everyday stuff, I am aware at how these moments are also the most special and the most meaningful. She is growing while I am desperately trying to keep her little forever. It's bittersweet- this being a mom thing and watching your child grow. One of my favorite things about documenting our life through photographs is being able to freeze these moments and noticing things that I may not have earlier.

Some little moments lately-

She has been really into playing with makeup, money, wallets, and pocketbooks lately. She begged us to take her to get a wallet, so after our hibachi dinner we made a quick stop at the store so she could cash in her pile of change from her piggy bank to buy it. She picked out a wallet and a Monster High makeup kit with her money.

We had fun painting our nails and playing with her new makeup kit. She gets really creative with the makeup.

It's finally warming up and we are taking full advantage of the nice weather and getting outside as much as possible. I have a feeling we will buying a new bike for her soon- she is already outgrowing her bike! And speaking of growing, she only has two more weeks left of preschool. Two weeks! I was just talking to Josh about this the other night and it seriously feels like it was just yesterday when she was just starting preschool! And now she is almost done and will be in Kindergarten in the fall and I don't even know how I am feeling about this yet. I have been trying to ignore that this is all really happening because I am not ready for it at all.

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