Friday, May 2, 2014

happy friday

It's Friday and it's been a long and emotionally exhausting week (which is another post) and I need some happy right now.

We took Kennadie to Disney on Ice and we had such a great time. Her new favorite song right now is Cotton Eye Joe. And it's on repeat in the car. Always. I love seeing how happy she is when she listens to music and watching her little backseat dance party in the car.

Like my phone?

The licking the lips thing- what is that?! I tell her all the time to try to stop and her response is, "but it just feels so good!" I can't argue with that.

We spoiled her rotten at the show letting her pick out a twenty dollar snow cone that she barely ate but it came in a cool Tinkerbell cup so it was totally not worth it and a spinny thing that lights up that she has yet to play with since we have been home.

It was all so worth it though to see her face during the show and the memories that were created.

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