Wednesday, April 16, 2014

sunday dinner

When we were on vacation in Florida Kennadie climbed up on Opa's lap so he could read her a bedtime story. We all sat in their living room watching and we videotaped it on our phones. I will always remember that moment. I had no idea that that would be the last time Opa would read Kennadie a story before his stroke. Most of the time, it's these little moments that can often be taken for granted that end up being the most treasured moments in our lives.

We had Sunday dinner at my parents' house the other weekend and had a great time- eating, playing outside with the dogs, and spending time with family. Kennadie really wanted to play Candy Land with Opa and Oma and I wasn't sure if Opa would be up for it, but he was and I am so glad that I have these moments captured in photos. Such a small thing as Opa and Oma playing a board game with her is just another moment in life where I realize the little moments really are the big ones and that these little moments are the ones I know we will look back on and never forget.

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