Monday, April 7, 2014


She was sick for five days. Which meant five days of being stuck inside other than the two doctor visits and quick trip to the playground. Five days of a to-do list completely ignored. Four nights of sleeping in her bed with her because she needed me. Five days of having nothing else to do but lay on the couch and cuddle and take care of my girl.

Sounds wonderful now that I am typing this, but as a mom I am always feeling like I am being pulled in all different directions and left with many choices to make- if I call in to work to take care of my daughter, I feel guilt. If I pick up the house instead of play outside with her, I feel guilt. If I sit with her while she sleeps on the couch, I feel guilty for not getting to the laundry.

The washing machine beeped to let me know that it was time to put the wet clothes in the dryer, but I looked at her as she laid next to me and I knew I had a choice to make. I tickled her back until she was peacefully asleep. I watched her chest moved up and down lightly and noticed how her mouth stays slightly open as she sleeps. I smiled at the sight of her little fingers curled up under her chin and the way her cheeks still make her look all baby-like.

Some days I really feel like I have the whole balancing act of motherhood down- clean house, laundry put away, pretend princess play with Kennadie along with crafts and a trip to the playground, emails answered, bills paid, dishes done, dinner made, lunches made and clothes picked out for the following day. By the end of these days I feel happy and accomplished. But what I need to remember is that the days of laying with my sick daughter and sitting with her and taking care of her and watching too many movies on the couch I should feel like I accomplished so much, just in a different way.

As soon as she started to feel better she got to work on making this pillow that she received as a gift for her birthday. She was so excited to make it.

And we did our makeup and got out of the house for a mommy daughter date to her choice...Chuck E Cheese.

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