Monday, April 21, 2014

our easter

I always put her Easter basket outside for her to find and this year she woke up extra early- before we could get that basket out. While Josh was rushing around downstairs trying to sneak her basket out the front door she opened my bedroom door faster than I could stop her, stood at the top of the stairs and caught Josh putting her basket on the front porch.


We were sure she was going to ask what he was doing and why the Easter bunny didn't put it out there, but all she said was, "I only saw the basket. I didn't see any toys!" Yeah, OK. We never brought it up again and neither did she. So we are leaving it at that and next year we will be more careful.

i many or may not go duck tape crazy patching up holes on the screens

We spent the morning finding Easter eggs inside and playing with a few toys from her basket before going out for brunch with Josh's side of the family.

We were supposed to go to my parents' house for dessert and an outside egg hunt, but unfortunately Opa was pretty sick and had to go back to the hospital. We didn't want to do the egg hunt without Opa there so we decided to wait until he came home and instead spent the rest of the day playing outside in our yard.

We love having him home.

Kennadie bossed him around telling him how to play her soccer game. She doesn't mess around.

I forced him to stay outside with us all day...

even though he barks way too much at the neighbors dogs.

It tires him out though, so it's all good.

Josh got some work done in the yard while I entertained her and took her for a bike ride and picked flowers.

She obviously hasn't used the pink baby swing that is still hanging on the swing set in years and I finally had Josh take it down and replace it with a higher big kid swing.

It wasn't that easy to watch the baby swing being taken down but I know we will make just as many memories with this new one.

Opa came home from the hospital on Monday so we were able to spend some time with them for a little Easter dinner at my parents' house and they all got to watch her find Easter eggs out in the backyard.

We had an amazing weekend, probably one of my favorite Easter weekends so far. 

Hope you and your family had a wonderful weekend too!

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