Thursday, March 20, 2014


The day started with her waking up in a room filled with purple balloons. We started this last Christmas and plan to keep our new little tradition for special occasions. And although she woke up Christmas morning completely freaked out by balloons on her floor, she loves it now.

We spent the day at daycare because I was working and then had a small celebration with family after dinner at Opa and Oma's with decorations, cake, and gifts.

She loved her tiara that we bought her for when she ate her cake and opened gifts.

It started in Florida- her love for Merida from Brave. Right now, it's Merida everything and she was super psyched to get Merida dress up.

Dancing in the kitchen. It's what we do.

Opa and Oma are so incredibly important to us all and I am so grateful that she has such a special relationship with them.

She had an amazing birthday and we are excited to celebrate one more time on Sunday with her princess dance birthday party with family and friends.

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