Friday, February 28, 2014

kids were here february 2014

To me, the photos each month for kids were here represent Kennadie exactly how she is right now. Each photo taken has a story behind it and my goal is to photograph a trace of what our life was like at this very moment. Every time I look at the photos from this project I am taken back to special moments in our life that would have been forgotten if I hadn't documented them.

This months kids were here photos-

Her no touching sign above her desk.

Sledding in the yard.

After Kennadie's experience with the walrus at Sea World Opa took her by the hand and they walked in the store and came back out with this stuffed animal. She has slept with it every night since.

Welcome to Florida gifts from Opa and Oma.

Making up games at Opa and Oma's with the few toys we brought with us to Florida.

Her new princess pen for her autograph book.

Made up games with paper plates, napkins, and plastic cups after breakfast kept her busy for a while.

We collected too many toys while in Florida.

Documenting details of evidence that kids were here.


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